How to fly First Class

A few years ago I had THE MOST HORRIFIC flight to Thailand.

I was flying from the UK, and the trip should have taken 13 hours (long enough), but oh no, this particular (and I'm feeling the need to repeat - HORRIFIC) flight took 3 WHOLE DAYS.

Three days!!!

It's a long story of delayed flights, missed connections, a random-and-not-planned detour to Manila (which I learnt was in the Philippines, and definitely NOT on the flight path to Thailand), and lost luggage.

Seriously, after my 3 days(!!!) of travelling to Thailand, I arrived in the early hours of the morning, sleep deprived, and without a clean pair of pants or a toothbrush to clean my now very furry feeling teeth. 

And OMG did I want to just change my pants, brush my teeth, and just dive straight into bed. 

But nope, I was wondering around Bangkok airport trying to get someone to help me track down my lost bag. 

Anyway, that whole HORRIFIC flight led me to deciding - and making a promise to myself - that if I was going to do a flight that was more than 4 hours again...

I was flying first class.

I was gunna arrive in style, and ease, and with the blissful experience of having been able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my legs out and put my feet up for the last X amount of hours. 

When I made that promise to myself however, I had no clue how I was going to make that happen. I certainly didn't have the money for it (I mean, there was a reason I'd hunted out the cheapest economy flight I could find, and even that stretched me). 

Yet even without knowing HOW it was gunna be possible for me, and even though it felt SO FAR out of reach, I made it and stood by it, and in doing so I opened the possibility of it happening.

I repeat - I opened the POSSIBILITY of it happening.

Fast forward a couple months and I happened to be speaking to a friend about that First Class promise I'd made myself, and how I really REALLY wanted to honour it, yet it also felt like SO MUCH money, and I had no clue how to get that amount together, let alone have it spare to spend (in what felt like really lavish way) on 'just' a flight.

Yet you know what happened?

She then started to tell me about AirMiles, and all the special ways she'd signed up to get bonus miles, and how she makes her usual purchases and ways that she turns them into double and triple AirMiles...

I was intrigued and so I looked it up, and found a credit card that gave you 3,000 when you made your first purchase, and another 10,000 miles when you spent a pretty low amount within 3 months. 

I could do all my usual purchases, pay off the balance at the end of each month - which I always did, so there was no extra interest or going into debt just for the miles - and have an almost instant wedge of AirMiles.


I carried on doing that for the next 12 or so months, buying every single purchase with my AirMiles card, paying it off each month, collecting the miles... 

And you know what, when I came to book my next long haul flight to New York, I had EXACTLY the amount of AirMiles I needed to upgrade an economy ticket to First Class. 

I flew First Class - there and back - for the price of a regular ticket (and OMG I gotta say it felt sooooooo good).

The reason I'm telling you?

Because sometimes you'll want something, yet because it'll feel impossible, or far far away and out of reach, so you might be tempted to give up, or to cut your dream short to a 'nice' but not so awesome version...

And I hear you, I was that person...

YET - the thing I've learnt more than anything else, is to honour that dream/promise of yours and even if you don't know 'how' to make it come true, believe that maybe, just MAYBE, it is possible (even for you).

And secondly, that sometimes you actually don't even have to know the 'how' to/for everything - because you don't have to figure everything out alone either. 

Example: When I created The Lifestyle Designers Club I did so in a way where not only could I pass on everything I knew to you about designing (living, and enjoying) a really awesome life, but that you'd also be surrounded by a whole community of amazing women who were all doing the same.

Women who could share their experience(s) and ways/possibilities they know about to get you YOUR First Class ticket.

If you don't know 'how', it simply starts with BELIEVING, and leaving that door open for possibilities to show themselves to you... And if you get it/achieve it on your own - AWESOME, but it's also about giving yourself a really beautiful gift, and being open to others helping you get their too.

So, over to you... Ready for some First Class living (AND some real support to get there)?

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