Ruth Ridgeway - Allowing yourself to be supported
Ruth Ridgeway - Allowing yourself to be supported
Ruth Ridgeway - Allowing yourself to be supported
Ruth Ridgeway - Allowing yourself to be supported

Something that probably won’t come as a shock or surprise to most (that I know) is how fiercely independent I am.

Yet I’m also someone recovering from that ‘fiercely’ part.

Over the last (almost) four years, I’ve had so many people tell me how strong I am, yet honestly with everything, I took myself to the point of exhaustion (more than once) without knowing what else to do but carry on.

I’m not used to ‘relying’ on others. I feel far less awkward doing things myself than asking others for help/support.

I tell everyone else they don’t have to do it all alone, and yet honestly, I still need to learn that for myself.

I’m not about to complain about my life or even what’s happened. Shitty things happen to all of us from time to time - it’s what you decide to do with that shitty situation is what counts and matters the most. While I/we wouldn’t have chosen this one, it is what it is and we’re damn straight gunna make the most of it and the very best we can.

Anyway, the whole point of this being…

My guys daily pain, the lack of sleep, the ‘other challenges’ that get thrown into the mix with the whole not being able to walk deal…

Sometimes days/times are HARD.

As scared as I am writing this, I also need to walk my talk. To allow me(/us) to be supported by those who choose and want to.

It’s why I’ve decided to start a Patron page for me and my guy.

Creating it will allow me to share more of these stories… The good ones... The tough ones... The ones that share a little glimmer of hope when the very worst happens.

I receive the most beautiful and kind messages when I share them (thank you), and now for those who want to help/support more or enjoy my writing, there’ll be a way.

In a nutshell, patronage allows people to get behind someone and support them/their work, while being able to choose the level of support that feels good and you want to offer.

In return you receive the stories I share of me and my guy. Of the good, the not so good, and the everything in between ❤️❤️❤️.

You also receive the knowing that you’re supporting us, and being there for two people who’ve been dealt a shitty blow but are making the very (very) most of it anyway.

Doing so will help take away the strain when times are super tough (like last year when my guy was emergency rushed into hospital with sepsis) and where I’m juggling more than one person can really handle. Where I can then be with him fully if/when needed… Instead of worrying about work and making sure we’re ok financially still.

I can make sure he/we are taken care of during those times no matter what, because I'll know you’ve got us.

So, is this ‘expected’? No way, never.

I'll keep sharing my stories anyway and like I said, a BIG part of me feels so weird and so awkward writing this, yet I also know everyone here reading this is a friend who can make up their own mind (instead of me making it up for them).

So here you’ll find our Patron page if you’d like to support us in this way, and in return the stories I share are not just my stories, but our stories - of hope and love and being there for each other through the highs and the lows...

With the kindest, biggest, most scared-est of love -

Ruth Ridgeway

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