What We Can Learn From Boys And Their Bikes

And by 'we' I mean us women, who can far too often get all stuck up in our own heads.

I know you're hearing me.

You see, it was a little before 11pm on Thursday night and clothes and 'stuff' were being thrown into bags, and those bags were being thrown into the car. With a hotel room booked just a few minutes before we (the man and I) set off from Cardiff up towards - way up towards - the Lake District. 

The next day (and the reasons for the late night random adventure) was Bike Night at Kendal Mountain Festival

At the time of throwing 'stuff' into bags, I'd have been happy staying home in the warm, sans big crazy long drive. The idea of an evening with my eyes glazing over while attempting to nod in the right places (or rustle up some form of enthusiasm) while boys spent hours eagerly comparing the difference of 27.5 Vs 29 inch wheels (or other technie bike 'thing') simply wasn't selling it.

But the man really wanted to go, so this GF did what a GF has gotta do sometimes. She packed her bag and went road trippin'.

And yet now, I can honestly say it was one of the most inspiring nights I’d had in a very long time.

Perched right at the front I watched (beautifully shot) biking film after biking film, created by guys who were passionate/obsessed/loved what they did - getting outside on their bike and riding.

And sure they were fun and inspiring to watch - and they really were, hands up converted - but the really inspiring part came when the movies were over and they interviewed the guys who filmed and created them. 

When asked the question ‘Why?’, the most common answer…

"Because I thought it would be fun/a laugh/cool to do."

That was it. 

No hang ups. 

No over thinking, over analysing, over processing. No freaking out whether it would be 'good enough'. Whether or not they could pull it off, or stressing over what other people would think.

These guys simply grabbed their bikes and a bunch of friends, got a game plan together and went out and just did it. They rode. They had fun. And they made some damn cool films in the process.

Simple and straight up.

And sure, sometimes they crashed - sometimes a lot - yet every single time they'd get straight back up, dusted off after comparing bruises, scraps and the odd broken bit, jumped back on their bikes - and carried the heck on.

Watching these guys and their bikes made me stop and think as a woman. If I took just a little more of their confidence, a little more of that guy 'let's just go do this thing because it'll be a laugh/fun/cool' - and just went and did it - before over thinking ALL OF IT - how much more I'd possibly do, create, have fun.

And how very awesome that could be. 

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