Branding : Unapologetic

I'm a big time lover of giving things their own mini brand. Like, it fits with the overall (visual) branding, yet it also (happily) stands alone and isn't afraid to be a little different either.

For example, these last few weeks I've been 'mini branding' Unapologetic.

...aka, my first book(!!!!!) Ok, I'm done with the exclamation mark excitement abuse. Promise.

I knew I wanted it to have a kind of messy, hand drawn/written vibe, and I also knew it needed some boldness/vibrancy, and so this is how it started.

Blue. Very blue. Very turquoise-y blue... For about five minutes. 

FONT:  Run Wild

FONT: Run Wild

Until basically I realised there really is such a thing as too much turquoise-y blue.

So then, sticking with the same font for a mo, I turned up the vibrancy an ombre yellow/pink vibe, while adding some images into the mix...

FONT:  Run Wild .

FONT: Run Wild.

But, for me at least, TOO vibrant. And with the images, it just felt a little (too) young.

So, back to my favourite soft grey (ahhhhhh, soft grey), and a new font...

FONT:  Bayshore .

FONT: Bayshore.

And while I love (love love) the font, and it's been on my 'MUST USE THIS COOL FONT' list for a while (and yes, I totally have one of those, #FontGeekAlert ), for this it was just too 'neat' and 'perfect'. Unapologetic needed to be a little messier.

That said I LOVED the colour combo, especially since I added in a little green, so that led me to this, the very final (final FINAL)...

FONT:  Syahdu .

FONT: Syahdu.

Messy, bold, unapologetic font... Check.

Vibrant colour combo (without screaming in this monochrome lovers my face)... Check.

So we were on, and I'm kinda in love.

And as a side note: I knew from the start I didn't want it to be your average black. white. and that's about it. on the inside. I wanted not only the contents to be an enjoyable read, but also a fun, enjoyable, different than usual experience for people as they read it too - so here's a look at the inside to how that went down...


While I love telling a good story or two, I might do a few more of these 'behind the design scenes' posts, they're kinda fun to do, and even for me it's interesting seeing the side by side process (even if in all highly likely-ness, I'll cringe looking back in a few years 😉).

And, if you wanna check out Unapologetic - you'll find it over here.

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