It makes me so sad…

I mean I get it. I get why it's the 'done' thing now, why it's taught and preached as the 'must do' - especially if you want a 'successful' business.

Yet, honestly, it just leaves me feeling hollow.

Upfront disclaimer: While yes, I've had blog posts go 'viral', most reach a healthy yet modest amount of readers. Every post does not get clicked and liked and shared by hundreds of thousands of readers each time - so maybe don't listen to me.

It might be best to follow those 'playing the game', and yet...

Somewhere along the way writing became about numbers. How many readers, subscribers, likes, shares and comments it could get. It became about publishing something - anything - as a way of driving traffic to a website, and how to convert that traffic into subscribers, before 'funneling' them through a set of emails and 'squeezing' them into sales.

Writing and blogging, it seems to have lost its soul along the way. It became about creating ‘content’ over true connection and value.

And oh, I get it.

The 'why you must use Snapchat if you want a success in biz', the '10 reasons people hate your blog - and what to do about it', the '3 big mistakes you're making in every email', the '30 things you must to do before you die' - or of course your life just so wasn't worth living…


Those attention grabbing, fear encouraging, list posts, they're shown - mostly - to 'convert' better. To get more clicks. The stat's are there. The 'gurus' say so. And that's why it's taught.

Yet I've read many of those just-publish-any-old-thing 'content' posts, created solely to try and get your likes and comments, to try and 'drive' you to their website, to try and get their business noticed - (because at the end of the day, isn't that what a blog's for anyway?!)

But then I hear the questions…

"Why? Why aren't my posts getting any likes?"

"Why is no one commenting?"

"Why is no one buying?!"

"Why aren't people even seeing my posts?! Facebook's all about money now, setting their algorithms so no one see's my posts anymore..." *enter GRRRRR noises*

Because there's no heart and soul in these posts.

Producing 'content' is trying to trump care and connection.

There’s no big mystery to these questions.

Readers can tell when something has been created with care and they can tell when it's been created 'just because' someone said they need a blog - and when they're being looked at purely as a dollar sign or a 'like' statistic. They can feel it in every single word.

It makes me sad tides have turned this way. Maybe it always was yet I only see it highlighted now as more and more businesses go online.

Yet while it does makes me sad for a while, my rebellious side - the one that loves a chance to rebel against the 'norm' - knows there's another way for those who choose it. A way where writing start and ends with care, creativity and connection...

...and I know which I'm choosing.

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