The cool shit that happens when you share your cool shit

Last week (and the week before) I’d been making/launching Love Yourself First (a new online course to overcome fear and self doubt) so I hadn’t been talking about/promoting any of the other stuff I do yet during that time…

  • I had more people get in touch about working together though 1:1 Coaching than normal.

  • I had more people get in touch to find out if my online business membership was right for them to join than normal.

  • I had more people sign up to my email newsletter list than normal.

  • I had more people follow me on Instagram than normal.

  • I had more people come like my Facebook page than normal.

  • I had five or six people reach out to say ‘Wow, you’ve inspired me (seeing me take Love Yourself First from idea to launch in just 9 days) to pull my finger out and I’ve now launched my thing too!’ or… ‘it’s now about to be launched in the next couple weeks!’

  • And I even had three people say if I put this on a new tee, they’d instantly go buy it (something I forgot to mention in the video).

You see there’s something kind of beautiful that happens when you put yourself (or a new thing you’ve launched) out there...

Just like when you drop a pebble in water it doesn’t just cause a bit of a splash and then drop straight to the bottom - instead it actually causes a bit of a splash but also with it dozens of little ripples around it too…

Well so do you, especially when you launch a thing.

This has happened every time I’ve launched a new course, a new book or launched/re-launched my online membership… People see it and the buzz/fuss around it but then they also go and check out what else you do and see what else you have to offer.

From there…

Sometimes people will see your course and buy it… Cool!

Sometimes people will see your course and it may not be for them (or it might be, they’re just not ready to buy it yet) - but they find they like what you do and what you’re about, so they follow you on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for your emails so they can be kept in the loop about future stuff… Cool!

Sometimes people will see your course and it may not be for them simply because they’re at a different stage in their business where they’re more focused on 1:1 support right now so when they see you do coaching too they’ll get in touch for it instead… Cool!

And sometimes… Sometimes people will see your course and some will buy it and some won’t, but then also a bunch of other unexpected things will happen that you couldn’t have even planned or predicted if you tried - like people saying ‘I want that on a tee!!’… Cool!

^^^ Those things right there are what I call the ripples. The things that inevitably happen when you drop your pebble in the water/launch your course (or other thing).

And I’ll repeat… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It’s so easy to get focused/blinkered about the results of your course launch (or other thing) when you’re in that headspace, but I’m totally going to urge you to just take a look around when you do because the coolest of other stuff starts to happen too at the exact same time and it’s such an awesome thing to see happening.


Ps… Never in a million years did I see this coming (me, video?! Apparently so…) but I’ve started doing more Facebook Live’s and sharing the behind the scenes.

If you want to watch them/follow along, you’ll find me on Facebook here.

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