Packaging : Delivered with Love

I have a philosophy... Do it with love (or not at all).

If I make something, I want every single person that purchases it, to feel the love and care it's been made with. For example, last summer I made two tee's...

RUTH XO Love Tee
RUTH XO Heart Tee

When I put them up for sale they sold out. When I did a second run and restocked them, they sold out again. And when I did another one off print run this year, they sold out again - and in a (blink and you'll miss 'em) record time, about 36 hours.

I fully believe it was that love and care that went into each one that made them sell out...

All three times.

For example, the 'Love' tee was hand scripted, and the heart drawn by hand. When I chose the tee it was to be printed on, instead of going for the usual shape, I sourced and chose my own very favourite (and flattering) cut - a 'circle' tee. When I chose the (screen) printer, I chose the guy who had been printing t-shirts (by hand) for over fifteen years and LOVED his job - you can see the behind the scenes here.

When it came to the packaging, I could have just  decided to 'shove' it in a plastic mailing bag and send them out, but instead I took the time and care to source card mailers and boxes (keeping it eco friendly and recyclable), before designing labels (which were also made from paper, and chosen from hundreds of samples for it's beautiful art quality) to add a little love and special-ness to each parcel.

Inside, each item was lovingly (hand) wrapped in black tissue paper, sealed with another hand drawn 'love' label, before a few special (surprise) love notes were added to enjoy and share, along with a personal note for each new tee owner.

RUTH XO Packaging
RUTH XO Simple Pleasures Card
RUTH XO Love Notes
RUTH XO Thank You Card

Sure, this all takes extra time to design and source and wrap, and yet I'm (totally) ok with that.

My clients and customers feeling special and loved with that extra bit of care and attention, I'm totally ok with that.

What can you do for you and yours, that show each of them how much they mean to you...?

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