Eco-Friendly Love Filled Packaging

So a couple of years ago I started designing some cool tee’s.

When it came to packaging them I knew without any doubt...

  • I wanted it to be just as cool (and love filled) as the tee’s. That before someone even opened it, they were excited by what landed on their doorstep (I’m a super for creating an awesome customer experience).

  • That I didn’t want ANY plastic. It all had to be fully recyclable and eco friendly (and not end up floating around in our seas for the next far too many years).

…and so today these arrived!

Filled+With+Love+Packaging+Design (1).jpeg

And I’ve gotta say I’m a teeny tiny (a lot) bit in love with them.

You can see from the side of the box I also got some brown paper tape to seal them when they were all packaged up.

I designed them in Adobe Illustrator and just kept them super bold and simple (my fave design style) and they’ve been a huge hit with customers getting tagged in a bunch of them on Instagram when they arrive!