I feel awkward telling people I'm a Designer, because I'm not qualified enough. You see, I didn't go to uni so I'm completely self taught.

I feel like a fraud telling people I'm Life Coach (so I often don't...), because right now I feel like don't have enough clients to say that.

I'm worried people won't take me seriously, because I'm not old enough.

I know I need to put myself out there more to get more clients, yet I'm scared I'm not young enough and pretty enough anymore so will people think I'm 'passed it...'

I know I need to have some professional photos taken, but I keep putting it off because I've put on some extra weight and I'm not thin enough right now...

I'm nervous to put my work out there because I'm worried it's not good enough (and people will think it's stupid or see all the faults in it I can see).

I really wanna launch my online course, but I'm not smart enough with all the 'tech stuff'.

I can't get up on stage and speak to a room full of people, there's no way I'm confident enough right now.

I feel like I can't put myself forward for that job (even though I'd REALLY love it), because I'm not experienced enough yet.

I've heard every single one of these said from the women I've worked with.

I've tweaked little bits here and there, because, ya know, anonymity, yet each one has been said, and most more than once by different women over the years.

And I always listen before telling them how I actually see them - which is usually quite different.

Yet while listening and sharing the (amazing) things I actually see in them, I also wonder how different (and easier, and more beautiful, and more amazing, and more vibrant, and more...) their lives might be, if they realised they were already more than enough, just as they are.

I wonder what a little bit more self belief (instead of doubt), would see each of us see and make and do and create with our lives.

I wonder...

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