How I doubled my income

I’m a Lucky Bitch.

This week I celebrated my one year anniversary as a Lucky Bitch, aka a Bootcamp I took a leap of faith into taking which helped me get a new car, double my income, banish a crap ton of money demons, clear the student debt, quit my corporate job and earn $$$ while eating crumpets - true story, we'll get there in a mo.

But let’s start with the backstory…

Growing up I was pretty good with money, I saved regularly bought what I wanted, all was good - well 'ok'. Somewhere along the way things got a little screwed though. Let's say some bad life decisions and a very unhealthy relationship got me into some debt. Not huge debt, but enough debt to make me stress daily about paying my bills and my loan payments. 

I even got to the stage where I had to put some of my bills on credit cards. I was using credit constantly to get by and I was seeing no way out, getting deeper and deeper into debt as each month went by. I had zero spare money so things like new clothes or a night out were off the cards. I was buying budget everything and felt like utter crap. Every time a new expense came up, the dentist, a new tyre for my car, my heart would sink as I knew the only way I was going to pay it was to whack it on the credit card, AGAIN. 

To say I was stressed out about money 24/7 would be an understatement.

But it wasn't like I was just sitting around wallowing in self pity (although I did do a lot of that too), I was doing EVERYTHING I could think of to try and climb my way out of this situation even though deep down I felt I was doomed and it was never ending. I was constantly wracking my brain thinking of new ways to earn extra money, I set up my photography business and worked tirelessly. On top of my corporate job I worked evenings, weekends, I never took a day off. 

I read every money book I could get my hands on hoping one of them would provide some miracle to finally set me free from endless hard work, the sleepless nights, the stress, the anxiety, the depression. But still, nada. Nothing budged. No fix came. 

So in my constant crusade to FIX MY LIFE, I purchased the Get Rich Lucky Bitch book. I can't really tell you why, but something clicked, more so than any others I read. I followed all the steps and actually started to see some changes. Now of course, I'd been in this deep hole of an anxious, stressed out money mess for so long, I was still skeptical and wondered when it was all going to go wrong again, but it didn't. Hmmmmmn.

So after a huge amount of deliberating, on 10th November 2013 I purchased the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, a purchase I never would have dreamt of doing prior. And yes this went on my credit card too - not of course that I'm endorsing such an action

I still had my doubts, I mean, what could an online course (which cost considerably more than the book) do which the book didn't? But was I about to find out!

I entered the Bootcamp full of skeptical but positive hope. I followed the modules religiously, I printed the worksheets and did everything that was asked.

And the group! The private Lucky Bitch group! I FINALLY felt like I wasn't alone any more, I found a safe place full of AMAZING women on similar journeys. All from different walks of life with different money issues, demons and problems, but all were sorting their money shit out. It was a place where not only could I go and seek help, but also celebrate each and every one of my wins. Someone was always there to fling a high five for every new money block that I smashed through. 

Between the Bootcamp itself and this new, supportive and abundantly positive group, I was actually starting to see some big changes

First I started to see my income go up, then up a bit more, then up a bit more, and more...

Then I managed to sell my hugely embarrassing fugly car and get the one I'd been lusting after for at least 5 years (she's so pretty and shiny and even let's her roof down over summer).

I stopped stressing about how I was going to pay the bills as the money always came. 

I upgraded my wardrobe, throwing out the old crappy clothes and making space for new ones which made me feel amazing and looked great on (no more ill fitting clothes, worn out tops of sad pathetic 'not so white any more' underwear).

I - whoooooooooop!! - paid off my student grant early, in full, and got out of each any every one of my overdrafts (taking high fives here guys!) 

I started upgrading my travel and staying in nicer hotels when my business started to make the most money it had ever seen.

It then led me to make the biggest, scariest, most exciting business investment ever. I invested in Marie Forleo's $2000 B School. I would NEVER have done this without my new Lucky Bitch mindset, but this one investment completely changed my business forever; and is what ultimately led me to shutting down my photography business and starting The Lifestyle Designers Club. 

I even started finding ways to earn money passively - without doing any 'work'. I've set my phone to notify me when I sell a product and earn some $$$. I'd wake in the mornings to find I'd made sales overnight whilst I was sleeping. I'd hear my phone 'ping!' whilst I was tucking into crumpets in my kitchen. I even made money whilst I was fooling around playing that name guessing game (you know the one, you stick a post it on your forehead and have to guess who you are). 'Ping!'

How freaking’ cool is that?!

Lucky Bitch also gave me my freedom, finally earning enough to quit my corporate job, doubling my income (even tripling in one month), and step fully into a business where I can set my 'office' up anywhere - including the Mr's hospital bed for the last few months to which I've been ETERNALLY grateful. 

Ruth Ridgeway
The Lifestyle Designers Club
The Lifestyle Designers Club
The Lifestyle Designers Club
The Lifestyle Designers Club
The Lifestyle Designers Club
The Lifestyle Designers Club

And that's just the last 12 months. My new business is still in it's infancy, but you betchya I have some big ol' exciting plans for it! 

I know sometimes you see these quick fixes, miracle cures and magic systems that 'earn you 5 figure months NOW!' - but this isn't like that. It's not a quick fix, you do have to do the work, but if you do, and really believe (even skeptically *cough cough*) you'll soon start to see and feel changes.

Big changes.

Now, it's not often you'll see me recommend a product/service, let alone whole heartedly recommend, however Denise's Money Bootcamp has quite honestly been the catapult that has turned my life around hands down, and finally allowed me to lay so many of my money demons to rest.

When my clients have money issues - it's the first thing I tell them to check out. Having been there and done it (and still doing it, you'll regularly see my face in the Lucky Bitch group!) I know what a huge change it can make.

And so how did I celebrate my one year Lucky Bitch anniversary?

By buying some gold sequinned pants, YEAH!!

Ruth Ridgeway