How to have the best day today… And everyday.

I’m not one for creating complex morning routines (I like to keep things simple and easy), yet I have found three questions to creating a really great day today, and every day:

1. If you achieve just ONE thing today, what do you want it to be?

Because this Q forces you to state what's REALLY important that day, it’s amazing how fulfilled you feel after completing that ONE (important) thing, even if you do/achieve nothing else.

2. What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself today?

I know, it’s a favourite question of mine - but for good reason.

3. What would make you smile today?

Even if it’s something super small - go do that, I promise you your day will become a hundred times more beautiful because of it.

And, that’s it (I told you I like simple).

Ask ourself these three questions each morning and watch your life begin to change in the most beautiful and amazing ways too...

I’ve put together 79 of my favourite journaling prompts to download over here - enjoy!

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