I want...

Ruth Ridgeway - Lusty Glaze Beach
Ruth Ridgeway - Lusty Glaze Beach

I want...

...to write tiny stories everyday.

...to scatter tiny pieces of love far and wide.

...more sleep.

...to see my guy pain free.

...to feel both financially secure and free.

...to see my books in peoples hands being loved and enjoyed.

...to see women across the world wearing one of my tee's.

...to live fully in each and every moment.

...to spend less time on Facebook. Instagram. Staring at my screen.

...to feel my feet amongst the sand and waves. It's too infrequent these days.

...to see my mum happy. She seems it right not which both makes me smile and feel comforted.

...more time with friends - laughing, dancing, letting our hair down. Getting lost in conversation and moments worth remembering.

...more travel. God I miss travel. It seems like a lifetime ago I wandered freely.

...to look hot in a pair of ripped jeans and simple tee.

...a home I own with my guy.

...to take more photos (and even videos). I don't wanna miss/forget a single minute of it.

...an awesome haircut.

...to feel strong, healthy and agile in my body.

...to see my words BIG painted on walls.

...to have a lifetime of adventures with my guy.

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