For about two years (at least) I said I was going to write a book, and, well, didn't.

I mean, I meant to, I wanted to, and yet somehow the idea kept getting pushed back and back and back, until a whole two years went by. #Whoops.

I kept saying to myself - it was all good! I'd write it once I'd wrapped up a couple client projects and I had more time! - and yet more and more client projects would always come (and I would always say yes).

The thing about each of those well meaning yeses however, it meant I allowed my book (and dream) to get pushed to the back of the queue time and time again - until I realised two years had passed by and I still had no book.

Somehow in between saying yes to everything else, I forgot to make space for my own dreams to come to life.

A little while ago I decided to make a change and switch up my work schedule. 

I dedicated the first three weeks of each month to my clients, and the last week of each month to my own projects - no exceptions.

That week has since become my non negotiable 'ain't nobody touching it' space for dreams to be born - and I'm not gunna lie, I'm utterly in love with it.

And not just because within a couple of weeks of making that space, my first book - Unapologetic - was born (although it was, hurrah!)

So this is my gentle loving reminder, if you want it, make the space for it to come to life (before your two years go by...)