Packaging Design : Filled with Love box

RUTH XO Packaging Box : Filled With Love
RUTH XO : Thank You Card

So as much as I love the 'Filled With Love' boxes that I made just a few weeks ago, they were just too big for the cards which are about to be launched and I couldn't get them made any smaller.

However on the plus, it did mean I went and made these (see above).

As much as it takes a little more time to package (instead of the wording being pre-printed on, I have to attach each label by hand), I love REALLY like how strong and bold it looks with all of the black.

(So much so, I'm now wondering weather to go back... 😬😬😬).

And each box is still made from (planet friendly) card and paper only, meaning it's ready to be recycled once it's done it's job, along with all the protective packaging and cards they come filled with inside inside - which adds just a little BURST of colour when the new owner peeks inside their box filled with love filled box.

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