Some days…

Some Days
Ruth Ridgeway
Can't Quit Cartel
Cosmosten Lake

Some days there are days when I feel like I cannot breathe.

When I feel like everyone wants/needs/expects something of me and all I wanna do it duck under the duvet.

(Some days I do…).

The last couple weeks have been tough. There ended up being more on my work plate than planned (long story, another time) and just at the time when my guy happened to have almost two weeks of one of his crazy pain attacks - which meant a combo of less sleep yet more stress and care giving needed on top.

When I woke on Thursday I looked at my to-do list, the one that just didn’t seem to be getting any smaller no matter how much I checked off… And then I looked outside and saw the sun starting to peek through my curtains.

I craved more than anything to be outdoors. To unplug and rest and not think of a single thing.

My guy happened to be up unusually early, and after being stuck indoors pretty much those two weeks too, he was craving the same thing.

I said quietly to the to-do list… ‘Not today…’, and then I moved me and him to the very top.

We ditched everything and headed out to the nearest wide open space, and after two hours of random exploring through local fields and lakes and woods - we were back at our car with lungs filled with fresh air and a new sense of ‘ok we can do this’ again.

My guy asked on the way back if I wanted to bunk off the afternoon too - to draw the curtains, cwtch up and watch the last episode of Ozark we had planned together..? - I was instantly in. After big homemade sandwiches of some things we found in the fridge, that’s exactly what we did and it was utterly heaven.

An absolutely nothing yet absolutely everything day.

Oh and that to-do list? It’s still there (it always is), it’ll get done (it always does).

PS… Thank you for being here with us.

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