When you want to do all of the things at once, start here….

Imagine for a second I placed ten tennis balls in front of you - and when I say this, I'm taking the assumption you haven't been spending every weekend mastering your circus skills - before asking you to juggle them.

All of them. At once. Without dropping a single one.

My gut says you're probably gunna look at me like... WTF?! - while wondering how you're even going to hold all ten balls let alone juggle all of the things.

Then say instead I asked you to juggle just one.

I got a feeling this time I'd see a different reply. A 'no problem!' - as you successfully juggled your one ball away, getting faster and more fluid as you practiced.

And then once you'd mastered it, I asked you to try adding another ball, again just the one. As you've nailed the first, you decide you're good to try a second. At first it breaks the rhythm a little, yet because of all your practice with the first, you start to get the hang of keeping two up with ease.

And then maybe later, once you were a little more confident with your juggling of two, you decided to attempt a third, and then maybe even a forth - practicing, practicing, practicing and nailing each ball and stage as you did.

You see, the whole tennis ball situation is the same as ideas (and starting your own business).

Often those I work with have a thousand ideas (before they've even had breakfast), and when I suggest they start and focus on just one first, I see this shocked look of horror appear...

"Just one?! but I want to do all of the amazing things & ideas!!"

Yet when they haven't nailed down that one ball yet, trying to start with ten just creates a whole bunch of crazy overwhelming stress - especially when customer and client expectations start coming into the mix and you CAN'T drop that ball.

So how about instead of looking at it as letting go of an idea, it's more like setting it aside for now and instead letting go of the whole bunch of crazy (unnecessary) stress, and nail that one ball/idea first, and then work your way up adding just one more as you go each time.

And heck, when you do…

You might even find juggling just two or three things/ideas just as fun - and already more than enough.

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