2016's word of the year for me and my biz was Unapologetic. 

While I'd grown a lot (emotionally) since I was a kid, it was only after something my friend Elloa said that got me 'seeing' some of the ways I was still apologising to the world I was here. 

For example, there were times when I was picked on pretty bad at school, so I'd try and make myself as small and invisible as possible. I didn't want to be seen or noticed - or punched in the arm for the hundredth time, because, ouch - so I took up as little space as possible, hiding myself on the outskirts wherever I could.

So how did this effect the thirty-something-me, grabbing coffee in my local coffee shop?

Well in there they have these big comfy armchairs spread around, yet those big comfy chairs are all clustered into groups of four - so I'd grab my coffee, then walk passed them (even though my bum reeeeeeally wanted to squidge down and get comfy in one), and find myself a small table on the edge instead.

And it was one of those small tables that fit 2 people - at most, with hard wooden dining room style chairs, because I didn't want to 'take up all the space' in case others (aka. a bigger group of peep's rather than 'just' me) came in later.

Like… What?!

Yup, you heard me. I didn't want to take up too much space in case I 'got in the way' and other people couldn't enjoy the comfy seats and *shock horror* they had to go sit on the definitely-NOT-comfy dining chairs instead of me?!

I know, you don't even have to say anything (although you can, comments below and all that).

So 2016 I switched that up.

2016 I was gunna be

And it wasn't even about all of a sudden walking around like an arrogant douche, or not giving an F-Ball what anyone thought, it was about grabbing my cup of coffee and then allowing myself to grab that nice big comfy chair after - even if again, shock horror, someone else couldn't grab it later.

(And yes, my usual numb-by-the-end bum also thanked me later too).

So, just in case, take a look around. See if you're allowing yourself to take up space, or if you're apologising for yourself (in your own way) too.

And if so, please, feel free to borrow my word, it's been a good 'en - those big comfy chairs were just for starters 😉.

Go forth. Be awesome. And take up all the space you want. 

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