Ignore it, or do something about it..?

Ruth Ridgeway

Ok I wanna start with a disclaimer: There are many kind/beautiful/awesome people in this world.

I’ve seen many of them (for example) reach out and ask my guy if he needed a hand when they’ve seen him trying to get up an extra large step and into a shop/restaurant.

These kind of people are awesome. They don’t have to stop and offer helping hand yet they do (and it’s gratefully received when it’s needed).

Then however, there are the kind of people I call ‘annoying lift people’.

And it’s weird, because I’m pretty sure ‘annoying lift people’ are often the kind/beautiful/awesome ‘step helper-upper’ people too - it’s just they enter a lift and ‘poof’, a kind of ‘lift fog’ appears and for a few minutes they are a different person while on their up and down journey.

It’s a weird kind of phenomenon I’ve seen happen on many (many) occasions. This is the usual deal:

(Me and) my guy park up in a multi storey mall (or other busy but need to go to place). We go over to the lifts to get down to the floor we need/exit and push the button to call the lift.

After a few minutes the lift arrives… And it’s full of people.

People look at my guy (in a wheelchair), kinda shuffle amongst themselves before then looking on and avoiding eye contact with an ‘oh well, I tried…’ and/or ‘well I’m ok, not my problem…’ look before letting the doors shut again.

You see the thing is though, I’ve seen this doors open/half hearted shuffle/’oh well I tried’/’not my problem’ scenario happen 6, 7, 8 times in a row. Door after door after door opening and closing without a single person (who could walk down the two flights of stairs) offering up their space.

And second disclaimer: I’m also aware and conscious that not everyone has a visible disability/reason they would find it challenging to walk down some stairs, and yet I’m also going to be ballsy and say I’m pretty sure out of the 100+ lift people met on these occasions, they do not ALL have a said hidden disability/challenge.

Anyway, it’s annoying as heck (as is the people who look over/stare with judgemental/put out faces when my guy parks up in a disabled bay before they see the chair come out a few minutes later. Most then look away although it’s crazy how many people still continue to stare/frown like it’s not ‘valid’ enough) - yet it is what it is.

While I’d love to change (lift) peoples actions and (car park) peoples judgements… I can’t.

And yet in some ways I’m actually grateful to them as it shows me the kind of person that I want (and don’t want) to be, and I hope myself a better person for it.

My point? You get to choose the kind of person you want to be (and how you show up) too and when you do, just make sure it’s always in the way that feels really good/right to you - because even the tiniest of actions (or non actions) that we don’t even think about or think even matter…

They all still add up to make the kind of person you really are so choose wisely... Because it ALL matters ❤️❤️❤️.

PS… This post was inspired by a Paris bus driver.

Last week he terminated a service and kicked off a bus full of people when they refused to make room for a guy with multiple sclerosis (in a wheelchair) who was trying to get on.

He kicked them off before allowing him on and giving him a solo bus ride to where he needed to go.

PPS… Thank you to our awesome Patrons (aka. our ‘step helper-uppers’) - you guys ROCK.

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