I was walking through town the other day and there was a (homeless) guy sat up against one of the shop walls, a hat just in front of him as he asked passers by for any change.

I happened to have none.

I walked passed wrapped up in my winter coat, wooly jumper, and covering all the other bits I could with hats and scarves and gloves - yet I was still cold.

(Ok granted, I'm ALWAYS the first one to feel even the slightest cold-anything-ness, yet this day was COOOOOOLD).

It was one of those bitter winter days where as fast as you might walk, you'd unlikely warm up.

So I wondered how he felt, his coat looking thinner and like it had seen better days, while sat on a tiny mat on the concrete walkway.

I wondered what I could do, as I walked to my favourite coffee shop, the place where I love collecting a free cup of coffee every now and then, after collecting a full card of 'loyalty stamps'.

That day I happened to have nine already, just one more to go before that free cup.

So I went and bought my favourite warming drink while collecting that tenth stamp as I did - before finding my way back to the homeless guy.

"I have no change, however when you're done with the cold for the day, use this and choose something warm and delicious..."

And I handed him my card.

Sure, I love collecting my free cup of coffee, yet, the look on his face when I handed him such a simple and small thing... That look and genuine smile told me his day was quite possible made - and that felt better than any free cup I've ever had (and the one I was drinking even sweeter). 

They say it's the little things that matter, it's also the little things that can make someone's day - and I know from now on where my free cups will be going...