The Money Game

I have a secret.

So I play a ‘money game’ with myself in my business.

The game : To simply have my biz make money every single day.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s £1 or £1,000 (…or £10,000 if you’re listening Big U, #JustSayin’ 🙌🏼), but the game is to bring money into my business every single day (and do so for a whole month (for starters 😉)).

I just checked last month, my biz made money each day except for 5 days - not bad for a 31 day month.

I haven’t quite hit the 30/31 days yet, but each month I’m getting closer and it’s fun to just play... ‘How can I make money today?’ - because it really stretches your thinking and gets you focused on doing the the stuff that’ll earn you money (rather than just the busy or ‘faffing’ stuff).

And I got good vibes this month (and I’m on an 9 day streak so far) so we’ll see..!

If you ever wanna play, go for it! (And let me know when you hit your full 30/31 days when you do - I’ll be over here when you’re ready 💸💸💸).

To making money FUN and EASY,

Ruth xo

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