The side you don’t see…

When I write stories I’ll often share that for my guy it’s not the non walking part that’s the toughest, that it’s actually the pain and ‘other stuff’ that comes with it.

I don’t write/talk about the ‘other stuff’ as often it’s personal and not mine to share - yet here is one of those ‘other stuff’ times, the side you don’t get to see…

My guy right now is on bed rest and has been since the evening we returned from Cornwall a week ago.

When he got home he noticed two great big ‘marks’ across his derrière. We tried figuring out who/what/when/where/how(?!?!?) - and then realised those two marks were actually burns which meant only one thing…

His heated car seat on the way home had heated up to such a temperature that while nice and warm on his back, it was burning the very skin off his derrière as he drove - he just couldn’t feel it.

WHO would even think a car seat would ever reach the temperature that it could take your skin off?! Not him/us (and nor the nurses who’ve visited/treated since seeing their faces in shock/disbelief too).

There’s so many times/places he has to be careful of his skin (and is) because he cant feel it, this just didn’t even surface as a concern as again - who would ever think a car seat would reach the temperature that it could burn the skin right off you??

So yeah right now my guy is on bed rest.

While we use our feet to get around he, of courses uses him bum - the one thing he can’t sit on right now until healed so he’s the ‘joy’ of laying one side or the other or his front (and flipping between the three) until his skin is ok to sit on again.

While this hopefully/thankfully is a one off (and while we need to wait until the full healing has happened and all fingers and toes are crossed there won’t be any permanent damage - something someone with a spinal cord injury just doesn’t need, especially not in such a place…), there’s ‘other stuff’ to deal with most days that my guy (and others with an SCI) have to deal with - the side you don’t see/that nobody even realises is a thing to deal with until such a thing changes your lives (which again fingers and toes crossed it never does…)

This ‘other (not so fun) stuff’ right now is something we’ll get through as we always do, yet it gives you a little glimpse of what I mean when I talk about the ‘other stuff’ that I don’t go into details with because it’s either not mine or is too personal to (fully) share.

So here we are… Another day, another ‘other stuff’ event.

Enjoy your Sunday - I think we’re going to go for back to back movie watching from under pillow forts in bed - him on his side, me on my back in between getting up every two minutes to deal with his copious amounts of tea addiction - 😬😬😬.


Ruth Ridgeway

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