It's not about what you could do, instead what do you really WANT to do..?

A couple months ago I met a woman I didn’t know. She was a psychotherapist working for the NHS but was looking to start her own business in the world of therapy.

She explained how she felt in limbo because she wasn’t sure of her next steps. She knew she needed to focus - to have a niche for the work she did - but she wasn’t sure which to pick as there were so many different options available to her with her expertise and experience and the work she’d already done.

She told me how she could do this… yet how she could also do this, and this, and this… (all the different options available to her) so she just felt really stuck on which to pick and what to do next.

The thing is with life though, it’s not about what you COULD do (because you can do ANYTHING you want).

It’s what do you WANT to do? What do you WANT to be?

That’s very different.

Most people don’t realise they can do ANYTHING they want, or they’re scared they’ll mess up and make the wrong decision if they choose (so they delay choosing, or worse, they don’t choose at all…).

The thing is though… YOU CANNOT MESS IT UP.

If it feels good, IT FEELS GOOD.

And anything that feels good can never be wrong, it simply can’t.

And if it stops feeling good?

You get to pick again.

You get to change your mind and ask for what you want again (and again and again, and again - as many times as you want).

You don’t just get one shot, you can keep on asking (and receiving, and doing, and enjoying…) exactly what you want anytime you want over and over.

So it’s not what you COULD do (because that can be anything you want and you’ll be there until the end of time trying to choose from EVERYTHING), but what do you WANT to do

What do you REALLY want?

Go do that.

Go ask for that. 

Go enjoy that. 

And if you change your mind, go ask again (and as many times as you want).

With (feel good) love,

Ruth xo

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