Now, I tell this story without complaint. I love what I do and everything that was on my plate didn't find itself there by accident, I put there.

And yet yesterday when I woke up and looked at my diary and the day ahead, seeing I had five client (and potential new client) calls booked in, I had this uneasy feeling in my tum knowing how the day was going to end up - or more how I was going to feel at the end of the day.

You see, while I love the work I do and the people I work with, over the years I've learnt two to three calls in one day is my sweet spot. Any more and the introvert in me often feels (mentally) drained by the end of the day, with a thick fuzzy head in need of some serious recharge time.

Yet I plucked up the courage to look at my to do list and the things I'd planned the day. I started slotting in and scheduling what I could here and there, in the spare thirty minute gaps I had dotted around between calls.

And honestly, I already felt exhausted and the day hadn't even begun.

So I stopped for a second and asked myself one question...

"What is the kindest thing I can do for myself today?”

And when I looked at that to do list again, there was nothing urgent that NEEDED me that day. I'd put them there because they were things I wanted and was excited to do.

So I took them off. Every last one of 'em, and instead pushed them on a day or two.

Because as I sat there I knew the kindest thing I could do that day was to give myself some (breathing) space, to take some of the self imposed 'stuff' off of my expected-to-do-today list (because, and here's the craziest thought of all... I don't have to do everything now, today, or all at once (told you it was crazy)) and use those in between thirty minutes to, well, do nothing except enjoy the day.

Oh, and breathe.

And you know what, with just that little bit of breathing space, I had my five calls and felt... Fine.

No headache, no drained feeling, no usual thick fuzzy head-achey head (real term).