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Lover of real conversations, advocate for self love, freedom and finding joy in the everyday. Through interviews, stories and podcasts I share lessons of life, love, hope and strength straight from the heart.

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Fave topics to discuss:

Creating an online business - that allows you the freedom to do what you want, when you want (and from wherever in the world you want) through products and passive income.

Self Love - why self love is the first step to living a truly beautiful life.

Self Care - especially when you’re a caregiver to others.

Creating a ‘Plan B’ life - when ‘Plan A’ becomes no longer an option.

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Official Bio:

Ruth Ridgeway is a writer, coach, creator of The Lifestyle Designers Club and an understander of what happens when life gets turned inside out and upside down in an instant.

A (proud) girlfriend to a guy who was in an accident in 2014 that left him paralysed, she also shares their stories of life, love, hope and strength and what it’s like to create a (different, but equally beautiful) ‘Plan B’ life on her blog.

Through her articles, coaching and online club she’s spent the last six years helping hundreds of women to design lives (and businesses) they love around enjoying more freedom, more self love, and more joy everyday.

Press, Podcast and Interview Enquiries:

For press, podcast and interview enquiries, please contact Ruth direct at